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About Us

A former Interior Design student at Savannah College of Art & Design. After being laid off from my job I was faced with a choice: settle for another job that offered security and continue to be miserable or take a risk and go after my dreams. People always raved about how I designed spaces skills and demanded to know where I found such great pieces. With this in my mind, I took a leap of faith and decided to launch my business.  This birthed our parent company Luxe Home Decor & Furnishings (www.luxe-homedecor.com).
   My partner and I created Luxe Home Decor & Furnishings-- an online destination for art gallery style furniture & décor that is both unique and affordable. Because so many parents want fun, unique, and beautiful spaces and pieces for play, sleep, learning, we are proud to bring you Luxe Kids Decor & Furnishings. As we like to tell parents "Have fun with your decor"